Start-Up Support

everything is scored, get it right from the start!

The time from proposal to program is, traditionally, a very challenging period. A loss of continuity (people and thoughts), business readiness, staffing, training and education is almost inevitable. Customer interaction communication about initial deliverables are interchanges that provide thought leadership and proper planning and execution. At this critical time, it’s imperative to get the core team (personnel and subcontractors) into execution mode early and to be in step the first day of execution.

Based upon our vast network of experience, we field a team of experienced program managers, system engineers, planners and process experts who will work with your proposal team to develop and ensure an executable program framework and implement mentoring and training for execution staff and team members. We routinely facilitate “day-in-the-life” scenarios to “test and proof” approaches and solutions to get team aligned and ensure open/direct communication with your customer. Additionally we will support/review preparations of initial contract deliverables, orchestrate dry runs/red teams of projected initial customer interchanges and coach key team leads to improve customer communications.