deploy high impact, high scoring proposals

Too often proposal products fail to reflect or reinforce compelling win strategies—specific features and benefits of the offering and "why us?" are frequently unclear even in the final products. While GamePlan™ tees up your win strategy and quantified value proposition, PlayBook™ deploys these into high impact, high scoring proposal sections. Our end-to-end proposal development process and services ensures clarity of win strategy and offering from the start and features incremental way points for consistency checks and corrective action.

PlayBook™ drives an integrated set of proposal products—consistent and compelling at every level, that can be assessed for compliance and integration. PlayBook™ features a proposal review strategy that ratchets up product quality and Pwin throughout the proposal life cycle. Specific PlayBook™ modules address:

  • Executive Summaries
  • Technical and Management Volumes
  • Past Performance Volumes
  • Integrated Management Frameworks - IMP, IMS, SOW, and WBS
  • Cost Volumes and TD/BOEs
  • Evaluation Notice Response
  • Final Proposal Revisions

Please contact us regarding your proposal development needs—whether it be training, proposal management, or expert review support.