Execution Support

execution is ....everything!

Executing on business is the end result of driving strategy and capture to win in today's hyper competitive world. Our practice is built around supporting excellence in performance. Drawing upon decades of program management expertise we have developed our Execution Support Practice around the shared goals of:

  • Measurable improvements in program performance
  • Developing actionable options that allow you to be agile and meet evolving customer requirements
  • Improve your Customer Relationship Management
  • Train emerging future leaders – in your company and, more importantly, your customer
  • Improving Past Performance records
  • Better teaming and subcontractor relationships
  • Improving / refining processes and tools

In a two-phased process our team will synergize with your program and ensure execution success. Phase 1 will be around Discovery: reviewing programmatic data and also spending time with the customer. We'll then spend time preparing findings and recommendation with several options. To include, but not limited to, resources and costs for each option. In Phase II we will implement the Solution Execution Phase and establish milestones and options for the execution plan. From there we will be accountable for execution success and mentor your people throughout in order to prepare you for future programs.

Your team will, usually, consist of the following roles:

  • Program Manager – Decisions, Vision and Communication
  • Business Case/Financial – Financial based opportunity cost decisions, contractual clauses and subcontractor issues
  • Chief Engineer – Requirements Traceability, Architecture and Technology Performance Risk Areas
  • Program Planner – Reasonable span times, integration and critical path measures
  • Process Engineer – Processes consistent and integrated throughout your program? What processes are missing that are causing failure points?
The end result is a team with decades of experience that bring focus, innovation, passion and experience to your program.