Peak Performance Training

sharpen your skills and seize the competitive advantage

Our training portfolio draws on over 30 years of experience in winning business and training thousands of people. Our comprehensive courseware covers leadership, business development, capture, presentation and communications skills, team building, and executive coaching. We tailor courses to your specific training objectives, drawing on two core offerings: Capture Mastery and Creating the Competitive Edge (CCE).

Capture Mastery. Leveraging tools, processes and methodologies that have supported billions of dollars in competitive wins, our courseware spans Government acquisition basics through win strategy development, capture leadership and proposal execution. We offer standard 2-day proposal and capture classes for all levels of students, using interactive exercises and real-world case studies to reinforce the training material. Focused training on specific topics such as oral presentations, price-to-win, and risk management are available on a stand-alone basis, or through just-in-time training for a specific project. Courses are taught be seasoned capture professionals—not full time trainers—ensuring a practical, relatable and relevant training experience. We train hundreds of students annually, with consistently high ratings.

Creating the Competitive Edge (CCE). In an environment of shrinking budgets, fewer opportunities, and more competitors, it is critical that you get it right – from acquisition shaping, to creating and communicating the killer value proposition, to managing customer perceptions. CCE explores key interaction and communication techniques that apply no matter what your market thrust – growth, preservation or penetration.

In our intensive, interactive 2-day event, we integrate proven techniques from disciplines including sales, peak performance coaching, and motivational training to learn the four levels of communication, the six weapons of influence, and the power of identity – it is after all about who shows up. We dive into the dynamics that drive your business development– from aligning with your customer through masterminding the winning game plan. We also address having the difficult conversation – what to do when things go wrong. We examine how to install these techniques across your organization to enhance your effectiveness and achieve repeatable, successful results.

Train Like You Win!