articulate and define your win strategy

GamePlan™ provides your company the means to articulate a vision, understand your mission, and define specific, high-leverage strategic actions to bring your vision into reality. The product of over 20 years of business development, GamePlan™ drives business strategies from company line of business planning, to new market penetration, to contract retention. An integral part of any Goyak Group campaign, GamePlan™ provides the process, tools, and competitive thinking to develop, execute, and enforce a compelling win campaign—from the formative stages through proposal preparation.

Throughout the GamePlan™ process, we work with your team to define customer musts, issues, and necessary actions to change the playing field in your favor. In executing GamePlan™, we'll walk you through:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Identification of customer absolute musts
  • Development of customer and game changing plans
  • Competitive assessment
  • Identification of compelling discriminators and win factors
  • Price to win analysis
  • Establishing and executing Strategic Action Plans to ensure that you focus and close on the highest leverage actions with the highest payoff
  • How to enforce your strategy - through proposal development and beyond

The Goyak Group has also developed a 3-day seminar based on GamePlan™ to train business development professionals and campaign teams in competitive thinking and how to change the competitive landscape. We've trained thousands of proposal and business development personnel on how to change the playing field in any competitive endeavor and generate a compelling and enforceable set of win strategies. In our interactive and high-energy workshop, we walk through the GamePlan™ process, and examine such issues as:

  • What works, what doesn't and why
  • Case studies and recent trends
  • How to win as an incumbent or as a newcomer
  • How to shape the procurement

To find out more about how your company can benefit from the GamePlan™ mindset, or to schedule a 3-day GamePlan™ session for your team, please contact us at 702.650.7600.