Proposal Management

through partnership, passion and innovation - our only focus is winning

A successful proposal is merely an affirmation of an effectively executed win strategy and capture effort. To ensure there are no “false starts”, The Goyak Group works with your team to architect the winning proposal from the start. Our win strategy and capture management products directly deploy to and integrate with the proposal. Our proposal management professionals — proposal managers, volume leads, technical writers, and publications staff — execute our proven and mature PlayBook™ processes to build in the clear, compliant and compelling story and thread it through every proposal product.

Supporting The Goyak Group Processes and Best Practices:

  • Playbook
  • RFP Analysis
  • Proposal Architecting
  • Section Plans, AMUs, and Drafts
  • Past Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Integrated Management Frameworks
  • Winning Oral Presentations
  • Question Response and Final Proposal Submittal
  • Color Team Reviews