Program Review Support

deploy, review, report - ensure program excellence

Losing existing customers is a clear sign that clients are not giving their customers extraordinary care through quality products and services in a timely, cost-effective, professional, and technically competent manner. Customer’s mission success, whether it is IT, mission planning, high stakes flight hardware or enterprise management, is threatened by a lack of excellence in a firm’s performance. The trend is for incumbents to be replaced by competitive alternatives.

Teams are comprised of technical, programmatic, financial/contracting, and staffing experts. Their purpose is to rapidly deploy to a program, evaluate it on multiple levels, and report their findings with a recommended set of solutions without political or personal biases. If needed, the team develops a “Get Well” or program remediation plan and works with the customer to achieve customer satisfaction. This plan contains the five basic tenants of each problem area:

  • Assessment and weakness identification
  • How to fix it
  • Who is responsible for fixing it
  • When it will be fixed
  • What resources are needed to fix it

Successfully practiced, this approach will lead to greater customer satisfaction, which in turn will lead to:

  • An increase in your re-compete win rate
  • An increase in tasking on the current program (ECPs)
  • Better qualifications and past performance for new business pursuits (proposals)

These will generate greater revenue and award fees.