Performance Excellence

take action now! - today’s performance is tomorrow’s past performance™

Get it Right From the Start – There are many reasons start up is a traditional challenge. However, at the end of the day, performance is all that counts. Our experts work with your team to be ready for full-on, day one execution.

  • Building a transition plan from proposal through execution, accounting for risks and assumptions
  • Validating planning and core processes
  • Orchestrating dry runs and red teams of customer interchanges and early program events
  • Coaching team leads to improve communications

Program/Performance Improvement – Optimizing current performance has a double pay-off: maximizing near term sales/profit and improving past performance ratings on future competitions. We work with you to help take proactive steps to improve performance NOW!

  • Turn around current execution issues
  • Complete key program internal/external reviews
  • Position (or reposition) for re-competition
  • Strengthen portfolio performance
  • Position your company for sale

Decision Support Analysis/RapiPlan™ – We help you fully integrate cost, schedule, performance and risk to make the right call. Our flexible and integrated processes and analytic tools address the entire program life cycle:

  • Capture – a powerful programmatic integration and trade capability
  • Start-Up – an agile framework for negotiation, baselining, and to establish business readiness
  • Execution – unmatched capability for change management, what-ifs/workarounds, risk management and replanning
  • Recompetition – a powerful way to change how you plan and engage with your customer

We maintain an outstanding bench of program execution professionals and a network of strategic partners to meet client surge or special needs. We’re not into standing armies, but providing the right resources when you need them.